Booth Information

A Deep Fried Roll
Food Stall

食物 : 香脆味 (CRISPY Flavour) 甜酱味 (Sweet Sauce Flavour) 参巴味 (Sambal Flavour)

简介 : 里头包含鱼肉,蟹肉,紫菜等,加上老板特制的醤料,有甜酱, 参巴醤,Mayonis 等等。。特别温馨的是不忘加上一些包菜与沙曷在一旁当陪衬。。超体贴!!

摊位 : 66 A

Advantage Learning Company
Trade Fair Booth (indoor)

Service :
Education industry

Description :
Advantage Learning Centre’s slogan – ‘Achieving Excellent Together’. Our centre provides English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Korean & Japanese language courses for individual ranging from students of all ages to working adults as well as corporate organizations.
Our English Counsellors or English Tutors are well qualified and experienced. Besides, our centre has installed required multimedia facilities such as projectors, animated learning, television and more to enhance the learning experience of our students. We aim to provide students with the best language learning environment.

一起迈向卓越的巅峰’是优越语言中心的口号。我们的中心提供了全方位的语言学习 – 英文,华文,马来文,日语和韩语。无论你是中小学生,学院生,大学生,成人又或者是退休人士,我们都有适合你的语言课程。在优越语言中心,我们拥有资历深厚的语言辅导员或语言专员。此外,优越语言中心也有了最完善的多媒体设备包过投影机,电视,音响器等等。我们旨在于提供学生最棒的语言学习环境。

Booth : No.3

Food Stall

Food :
Cheesy Potato

Description :
Taiwan ShiLin Night Market Favourites. After trying cheesy potato in Taiwan, we decided to boost this food to the Kuching Community as this dish is really popular and delicious. We did a lot of research and developed a type of flavourful cheese sauce that is really matching to the custom-fried crispy mashed potato. This dish comes with various toppings such as bacon, hard boiled eggs, broccoli, pineapple, sweet corn, and sausages. Besides, we decided to bring another special optional toppings for Kuchingites such as deep fried soft shell crabs, meat floss and chicken ham with fair amount of top up price. With the trends of Minions, we put Minions as our mascot for the Kuching Festival 2017 stall design. The potatoes are carefully selected for further boiling and continuously mashed into certain sizes. Next, the shaped potato is exquisitely deep fried. As mentioned above, various toppings are then pouched into the deep fried mashed potato. Finally, a sizzling cheese sauce are poured onto the potato for maximum enjoyment of customers.


Chick & Cone
Food Stall

Food :
Fried Chicken in Homemade Waffle Cone

Description :
Fried Chicken-Stuffed Waffle Cones are now a new thing in NYC, why not bringing it to our Kuching Festival as well?? The saucy fried chicken is surprisingly match with the waffle cone. (seriously)
Chicken is marinated overnight and coated with "secret recipe" fried chicken power. Then, the chopped fried chicken is covered is our signature sauce. (our cheese and black pepper sauce is highly recommended!!!
This Fork-Free Chicken and Cone really worth to try during this year Kuching Festival. By the way, all our waffle is homemade freshly.

Food Stall : No.225 A

Crazy Sweets
Food Stall

Food :
Taco Ice Cream, New York street food

Description :
I'm selling Taco Ice Cream which definitely is a new trend in New York.I discovered this while I was scrolling through social media and I saw ppl in NYC are taking about Roll Ice Cream Tacos. I have never see this in kch ya why not bringing this to our Kuching Festival this year.
Customer can customised their own Taco ice cream by choosing their favourite taste of ice cream, toppings and sauce. We have min 10 topping available like (rainbow sprinkles, fruits of the day, marshmallow, choco, nuts, Oreo etc.) They can built their taco creatively, e.g. Blue taco shell with vanilla ice cream and deco with cookie chips topping will represent "cookie monster"
We make our taco shell by ourselves..100% fresh ~
Hope you all can come and support us

Food Stall : No.123 B

Cream Puff Presented by MISS café & bakery
Food Stall

Food :
Cream Puff

Description :
We are from MISS café & bakery. Passionate & Baked with love! Our cream puffs are always fresh, natural and without PRESERVATIVES. There are varieties choices: Cream Cheese, Chocolate, Caramel, Matcha, Fresh Cream and Custard.

Food Stall : No.185 B

Golden Dumpling 黄金炸虾饺
Food Stall

Food :
Fried Dumpling, Fried Cempedak, Fish Ball, Sotong

Deacription :
Main dish is " Golden Fried Dumpling". We are the Only stall selling this special dumpling. Inside is pork meat and big fresh prawn and the special thing is the dumpling skin is imported. At kuching cant find is tpye of dumpling skin. Great taste.
We have join kch fest for many years, we get a lot of good comment form our customers.

Food Stall : No.64

Hawaiian Ice
Food Stall

Food :
Ice Fruit

Description :
Hawaiian ice is very common in north shore of O'ahu, as well as on Maui and the Big Island of Hawai'i. Hawaiian Ball can be added either milk or chocolate flavour on top for better taste. The outlook for Hawaiian ball will be colourful which make it looks special and attractive. We have other choice of Ice which are flavored with local ingredients such as Mix Berries which contains of blueberry, strawberry, Raspberry. Apart from that, we also have Mix Fruits which contains of Watermelon, pineapple, Honeydew, Grape. Mango, lychee longan will be also one of the recommendation flavour at our stall. We will be serving the Hawaiian ice in a flower cone with a variety of cute spoon. There is 8 types of cute cartoon spoon will be served together with the flavoured Hawaiian Ice ball.

Food Stall : No.198

Hippo Fries & Ice Cream
Food Stall

Food :
Matcha & Sesame Charcoal Ice Cream, Cheesy French Fries

Description :
Matcha ice-cream and black ice cream is a popular food in Japan and other parts of the world. Matcha originated from Japan and soon became famous in other parts of East Asia and is a delicacy to many. Besides that, our sesame charcoal ice cream with a dark cone (also known as Goth Ice Cream) is also our specialty as it is not commonly available in Kuching. It is a perfect blend of sesame and charcoal flavor that gives it a unique taste. Not only that, it gives you a great experience of trying out new flavors besides being aesthetically pleasing for you to show off to your friends on social medias. Last but not least, our searing hot French fries with a variety of sauce including all time favorite cheese sauce would make you crave for more.

Food Stall : No.203 B

HX Seafood Bucket
Food Stall

食物 :

简介 :
想知道怎么吃海鲜才是最最最过瘾、最豪迈的吗?当然是用你的双手大口大口张开嘴吃。欢迎来到HX Seafood Bucket——手抓海鲜的世界!海内存珍品,天涯共美味,HX Seafood Bucket的手抓海鲜都是用料新鲜,鲜味十足,回味无穷。我们的手抓海鲜有鲜虾、苏东、青蠔和扇贝,还有花椰菜、玉蜀黍与马铃薯,伴上我们的特制酱汁,特开胃。一个字——爽!我们虽然不提供餐具,但是提供手套给您来享用我们的手抓海鲜。

在这炎炎夏日中,我们最需要哪些食物来解渴呢?这段时间,冷饮、冰品是我们最要好的朋友。或许我们摊位的冰棒、冰条可以帮助你止渴解暑!除了手抓海鲜,我们依然有售卖去年的热卖商品——水果冰棒与古早味冰条。正在进行减肥计划的你也不需要担心,你的计划绝对不会被毁,而且还可以吃得很健康呢!不如同冰淇淋,含有超高的卡路里,我们的水果冰棒是主打着采用新鲜的水果而特制成,美味又健康。草莓、葡萄、奇异果等水果被 “封锁” 在冰棒中,为冰棒添加了些许的色彩,很适合拍照打卡!混搭水果冰棒的口味有两样,即利宾纳(Ribena)和荔枝(Lychee)。对了对了,来到我们摊位,绝对不可以错过我们的 “红绿灯冰棒”! 它会带给你三种不同水果结合一起的感觉,以及满分的视觉享受。第一层的西瓜、第二层的水蜜桃以及第三层的奇异果,甜完之后吃酸的,对比明显,不过其实蛮搭哦。

突然怀念起小时候吃的冰条了吗?没关系,HX Seafood Bucket 带给你的冰凉又解暑的古早味冰条,领您搭乘时光机,穿越时空,回到小时候最幸福的时刻。我们的古早味冰条共有4种口味:美禄冰条、古早味红梅冰条、青桔酸梅冰条、菜燕冰条。

摊位 :73 A

Food Stall

Food :
1. Japanese Onigiri (Rice Ball)
2. Japanese Chicken Karaage
3. Japanese Chessy Scallop
4. Hokkaido Cheesecake Soft Ice Cream
5. Uji Matcha Soft Ice Cream

Description :
Our founder, Reonarudo (レオナルド), loves cooking and Japanese Cruisine is always in his list.
Onigiri is the most reachable snack in Japan.

JFO was formed in year 2014 as Reonarudo is really in love in onigiri so he tried to make some to sell with his recipe.

It was so great that there are people who love the recipe and always share our joyful together. This year JFO brings more Japanese snacks and desserts, and definitely with our FRESH onigiri, too.

Stay tuned and follow our Facebook page to have more updated news.

O-nigiri also known as o-musubi, nigirimeshi; or rice ball, is a Japanese food made from white rice formed into triangular or cylindrical shapes and often wrapped in nori(seaweed).
Traditionally, an onigiri is filled with pickled ume (umeboshi), salted salmon, katsuobushi, kombu, tarako, or any other salty or sour ingredient as a natural preservative.

Food Stall : No.38

Food Stall

食物 :
1. 盐酥鳄鱼
2. 香炸面包虫
3. 肉酱薯条 (fries with Bolognese)

简介 :

摊位 :229 A

Kim Food
Food Stall

Food :
Crispy Kimbap, Normal Kimbap

Description :
We are a bunch of youngsters graduated from Korea who love Korean food, culture, K-pop, etc. so much. So, we would like to share our passion in Korea food to Kuching people through this coming Kuching Festival 2017! We are here to bring 4 types of menu (Crispy Kimbap, Jumokbap/Rice Ball, Cold Tofu Kimchi 3 Layers Pork and Cheesy Kimchi Fried Rice) to you all!

“Kimbap/Rice Roll” is one of Korean’s favourite food and “Goreng” is Malaysian’s favourite cooking method. Thus, we mix Korea and Malaysia cultures by introducing “Crispy Kimbap香脆脆紫饭卷”!

“Jumokbap/Rice Ball” is Korean’s favourite take away food; Jumok in Korean means punch while bap means rice. So, Jumokbap is rice ball in punch size. And we think this food very suitable for Kuching festival as it is very convenient to customers which can hold in hand, eat while walk. Others than that, we also modify one Korean food, stir-fried spicy pork. In order to match Malaysian’s hot weather, we innovate and bring this “cold tofu kimchi 3 layers pork/凉拌豆腐泡菜三层肉”. You might can’t imagine how the taste would be with fatty 3 layers pork together with tofu but you will love it once you’ve tried it. So, don’t miss the chance to come over our stall to try 韩式料理的创新!尝尝我们入口即化的豆腐及滑溜溜的三层肉!它将激发你前史未有的第六种味觉!

Lastly, “Cheesy Kimchi Fried Rice” is another highlight as we are using Mozzarella cheese as topping on the kimchi fried rice. And, before we serve it, we will bake Mozzarella cheese so that the customers can feel the stretchy cheese.

Food Stall : No.247 B

Kogi Station 한국냉면구이
Food Stall

食物 :

简介 :
今年特别的芝士烤冷面是源自于韩国釜山-富平罐头夜市的一个特色街边小吃。在铁板上铺好特制的冷面,再打上几个鸡蛋用慢火烤,铺上一层浓郁的Mozarella Cheese (莫扎里拉起司),还有撒上鸡肉碎和香葱,然后再淋上韩国密制酱料和辣椒酱, 口感劲道,焦香四溅。一口香脆蛋饼与烤面,绝对会让你欲罢不能啊!客人可以选择2种酱料淋在香香脆脆的烤冷面,我们有3种酱料可以选择,美奶滋(Mayonnaise), 起司酱 (Nacho Cheese)和 Mustard Sauce 。我们秉持着一定要用最好,最新鲜的原料来制作我们的食物。因为我们坚信,原料的好坏是决定食物好吃与否的关键!小份的可是2个人的分量,大份的是3人的分量。

摊位 :199 B

Trade Fair Booth (outdoor)

Products / Services :
Specialize in “Marysharon” Brand & “Bazaar Red” Brand Beauty and cosmetic product

Description :
Marysharon epitomises the success of “East meets West”; being a joint-venture between France (spearheading R&D and product formulation) and China (markets and conducts A&P via its Asian HQ based in Guang Zhou). Wu chun, the famous artist is now the 4th Marysharon and Bazaar red Ambassador.

Researched and developed by an accomplished R&D Chief who has contributed to many international brands, Marysharon products have undergone 120,000 times of clinical tests and obtained a total of 8 patents. Marysharon has clinched The “Most Potential Brand Award” in year 2014 and achieved 1,000 million RMB sales figure in the second half of 2014.

The 4 key products launched were:
•Marysharon Spa Sleeping Mask (selling 10 bottles per / min worldwide)
•Marysharon Queen Radiance Eye Essence (remarkable results with 5,000 Chinese women’s trial)
•Marysharon Queen Charcoal Cleansing Mask (Star Product of 2015)
•Marysharon Collagen Hydrating Mask (100% silk mask with certification)

With uncompromised quality, technology, and top-notch results, Marysharon aims to fulfill customer’s dreams of skin and beauty perfection at reasonable pricing.

Indeed, the brand is living up to its business credo, “A Queen’s Pampering For Every One”
In 2016, MARYSHARON started the collaboration with Harper’s Bazaar, the well-known American women fashion magazine, and 2017 the brand of “Bazaar Red” officially launched! Bazaar red is now major in two products, which is their Glomor Massage Cream kit and Bazaar Red lipstick which come in 9 colors of choices.

Booth : No.27

Nam Nam Express
Food Stall

Food :
Authentic Vietnamese Snacks

Description :
Indulge in authentic Vietnamese snacks such as fresh rolls, spring rolls, sugarcane prawn and baguette! Come and collect a promotional brochure to entitle you to RM 3 flat rate on our signature Vietnamese coffee, available only at our cafe @ Jalan Song.

Food Stall : No.21 A

Trade Fair Booth (indoor)

商品 :

Primada寶康達為香港知名電器廚具品牌,由创办人拿督叶蹋涁創立於2001年, 於2007年起正式委任影視紅星商天娥小姐為旗下品牌代言人。除門市銷售外,Primada寶康達亦透過不同網上平台銷售產品。經多年的發展,業務初由香港已拓展至台灣、印尼、新加坡及馬來西亞等多國市場。並在各地市場創造了優異的銷售成績。

Primada 寶康達因此推出一系列智能家用电器,如韩国原装进口慢磨原汁机,旋转烤焗寳,高级陶瓷锅及快速智能煲等产品,深获国内外各厂家与客户的喜爱。而N & H MARKETING (M) SDN BHD在2009年夺得Primada在东马区的总代理权。在诗巫、古晋、美里以及沙巴都设有分行以及专柜展销。除此之外,本公司还积极参与马来西亚超过100个展销会。創立至今,Primada一直秉承「智能生活,健康人生」為品牌理念。

摊位 :19, 20, 21, 22, 34 & 35

Food Stall

食物 :
香港正宗冷面 + 韓式料理

食物简介 :
· 香港正宗冷面是香港當地人最喜歡的小吃,在21歲的生日應朋友的邀請到香港遊玩,一嘗試了這個小吃,就愛上了~QQ的面再加上蘿蔔絲、玉米粒、腸仔等配料(擁有20多種的配料任你自由選擇)加上特調的冷面漿料及特調的蒜頭油,那味道過了5年還是让我回味無窮~所以這次古晉節我們就想把我們懷念的味道也让古晉人可以品嚐到。而且我們這次還特別邀請香港的朋友幫我們特調“香港正宗冷面“的漿料,然後從香港寄來古晉給我們,只為了让古晉人可以品嚐到真正香港正宗冷面的味道。
· 製作韓式料理是因為我們一群朋友都是哈韓迷,看了許多的韓劇被裡面韓式料理所吸引。但是在古晉,韓式料理非常貴,所以為了省錢,我們一群朋友開始研究如何自製韓式料理。以下就是我們喜歡的自製韓式料理:韓式蛋卷、韓式起司面餅、泡菜炒飯、紫菜包飯等,歡迎你們來品嚐。去年古晉節MYFM也有訪問我們的韓式蛋卷和韓式起司面餅。

摊位 :200 A

The Churros Factory by After Lunch
Food Stall

美食 :
Churros and Macarons

简介 :
今年古晋节为何我们选择售卖Churros?因为年轻人喜欢尝试新食品,为了吸引人群我们当然要想尽办法抓住顾客们的胃。最近流行走韩式路线,加上Churros在韩国还算是爆红的甜品之一。其实还是有大部分的人还不晓得什么是Churros,所以可以趁古晋节这个好时机好时机将我们的Churros推荐给大家,让大家认识一下什么是Churros...我们到时会将Churros做成不同形状,不同口味及不同价格。每个食品都内有惊喜,想品尝的人记得前来购买。当然,我们还有另一个配角Macaron也会在古晋节售卖,我们有10种口味,每种口味都有它独特的口感。我们的摊位在最后面排,摊号248A,希望大家多多支持我们THE CHURROS FACTORY,我们到时见!

摊位 :248 A

The Sizzling Pit
Food Stall

Food :
PorkCorn, Grilled Ribs, Pork Bun

Description :
-- Pork Corn --
Our latest MENU !We decide to make it fun by changing a common snack into something unusual but familiar to everyone. It comes in 3 flavours which are original, spicy and cheesy. It comes with a package of fried vegetable tempura fries!

-- Grilled Ribs --
Our Signature RIBS! We made some changes into our ribs by turning it from bbq to grilled ribs. The juicy-ness of the pork ribs remains in every bite. You'll finish it before you know it ! It comes with a package of fried vegetable tempura fries!

--Pork Bun:
Our oriental representative ! After receiving lotsa loves for this item last year, we are bringing it back! We are making a fusion of traditional stew pork in a steam bun with combination of peanuts and pickles. Must TRY !

Food Stall : No.51