Kim Food

Food :
Crispy Kimbap, Normal Kimbap

Description :
We are a bunch of youngsters graduated from Korea who love Korean food, culture, K-pop, etc. so much. So, we would like to share our passion in Korea food to Kuching people through this coming Kuching Festival 2017! We are here to bring 4 types of menu (Crispy Kimbap, Jumokbap/Rice Ball, Cold Tofu Kimchi 3 Layers Pork and Cheesy Kimchi Fried Rice) to you all!

“Kimbap/Rice Roll” is one of Korean’s favourite food and “Goreng” is Malaysian’s favourite cooking method. Thus, we mix Korea and Malaysia cultures by introducing “Crispy Kimbap香脆脆紫饭卷”!

“Jumokbap/Rice Ball” is Korean’s favourite take away food; Jumok in Korean means punch while bap means rice. So, Jumokbap is rice ball in punch size. And we think this food very suitable for Kuching festival as it is very convenient to customers which can hold in hand, eat while walk. Others than that, we also modify one Korean food, stir-fried spicy pork. In order to match Malaysian’s hot weather, we innovate and bring this “cold tofu kimchi 3 layers pork/凉拌豆腐泡菜三层肉”. You might can’t imagine how the taste would be with fatty 3 layers pork together with tofu but you will love it once you’ve tried it. So, don’t miss the chance to come over our stall to try 韩式料理的创新!尝尝我们入口即化的豆腐及滑溜溜的三层肉!它将激发你前史未有的第六种味觉!

Lastly, “Cheesy Kimchi Fried Rice” is another highlight as we are using Mozzarella cheese as topping on the kimchi fried rice. And, before we serve it, we will bake Mozzarella cheese so that the customers can feel the stretchy cheese.

Food Stall : No.247 B