Food :
Cheesy Potato

Description :
Taiwan ShiLin Night Market Favourites. After trying cheesy potato in Taiwan, we decided to boost this food to the Kuching Community as this dish is really popular and delicious. We did a lot of research and developed a type of flavourful cheese sauce that is really matching to the custom-fried crispy mashed potato. This dish comes with various toppings such as bacon, hard boiled eggs, broccoli, pineapple, sweet corn, and sausages. Besides, we decided to bring another special optional toppings for Kuchingites such as deep fried soft shell crabs, meat floss and chicken ham with fair amount of top up price. With the trends of Minions, we put Minions as our mascot for the Kuching Festival 2017 stall design. The potatoes are carefully selected for further boiling and continuously mashed into certain sizes. Next, the shaped potato is exquisitely deep fried. As mentioned above, various toppings are then pouched into the deep fried mashed potato. Finally, a sizzling cheese sauce are poured onto the potato for maximum enjoyment of customers.