Crazy Sweets

Food :
Taco Ice Cream, New York street food

Description :
I'm selling Taco Ice Cream which definitely is a new trend in New York.I discovered this while I was scrolling through social media and I saw ppl in NYC are taking about Roll Ice Cream Tacos. I have never see this in kch ya why not bringing this to our Kuching Festival this year.
Customer can customised their own Taco ice cream by choosing their favourite taste of ice cream, toppings and sauce. We have min 10 topping available like (rainbow sprinkles, fruits of the day, marshmallow, choco, nuts, Oreo etc.) They can built their taco creatively, e.g. Blue taco shell with vanilla ice cream and deco with cookie chips topping will represent "cookie monster"
We make our taco shell by ourselves..100% fresh ~
Hope you all can come and support us

Food Stall : No.123 B