Hippo Fries & Ice Cream

Food :
Matcha & Sesame Charcoal Ice Cream, Cheesy French Fries

Description :
Matcha ice-cream and black ice cream is a popular food in Japan and other parts of the world. Matcha originated from Japan and soon became famous in other parts of East Asia and is a delicacy to many. Besides that, our sesame charcoal ice cream with a dark cone (also known as Goth Ice Cream) is also our specialty as it is not commonly available in Kuching. It is a perfect blend of sesame and charcoal flavor that gives it a unique taste. Not only that, it gives you a great experience of trying out new flavors besides being aesthetically pleasing for you to show off to your friends on social medias. Last but not least, our searing hot French fries with a variety of sauce including all time favorite cheese sauce would make you crave for more.

Food Stall : No.203 B