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Education industry

Description :
Advantage Learning Centre’s slogan – ‘Achieving Excellent Together’. Our centre provides English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Korean & Japanese language courses for individual ranging from students of all ages to working adults as well as corporate organizations.
Our English Counsellors or English Tutors are well qualified and experienced. Besides, our centre has installed required multimedia facilities such as projectors, animated learning, television and more to enhance the learning experience of our students. We aim to provide students with the best language learning environment.

一起迈向卓越的巅峰’是优越语言中心的口号。我们的中心提供了全方位的语言学习 – 英文,华文,马来文,日语和韩语。无论你是中小学生,学院生,大学生,成人又或者是退休人士,我们都有适合你的语言课程。在优越语言中心,我们拥有资历深厚的语言辅导员或语言专员。此外,优越语言中心也有了最完善的多媒体设备包过投影机,电视,音响器等等。我们旨在于提供学生最棒的语言学习环境。

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